Vendor: Freight Terminals Limited

Selling Agent: Glenny PLC

Type of Purchase: Off Market

GDV: £65m

The opportunity presented itself for Borough Junction Limited to purchase the Freehold of an unbroken commercial site housing thirteen office buildings situated on the River Roding in Barking. The site forms the gateway to the new riverside walkways envisaged by London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and is situated on a prime spot next to Bouygues Abbey Road Creative Industries Quarter and opposite the ambitious 1’500 unit mixed use scheme by Fresh Wharf Estate which has now

received outline planning permission.

The site was given a further boost as Abbey Road has been designated one of the Mayor or London’s nine Housing Zones. We are in the process of piecing together various parties and interest groups in order to deliver circa 180 residential units, commercial space and residential moorings over the next 36months.


The application site covers an area of 0.45 Hectares. Town Quay Wharf was built in 1988 and consists of a series of low rise office buildings arranged around a Courtyard with car parking.

Our team is investigating options that look to develop a diverse mix of accommodation that will provide opportunities for people to live and work in close proximity to the Town’s centre.


We are looking to create a truly integrated neighbourhood that binds a sense of community with an active commercial environment.


Top Floor, 21 Foley Street, London, W1W 6DR

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